ICAN Cities Appeal Fantasy Football Team


For the European Championship 2024, we are launching a fantasy football tournament with players from clubs in cities that have joined the ICAN Cities Appeal. Join us and read more about how to select a team, the rules of the game, and which players are eligible.

How join the ICAN Cities Appeal League: 

Want to drive straight in and make your own team selecting players from clubs in cities that have spoken out against nuclear weapons and for the UN Treaty banning them? 

  1. Create an account at
  2. Create a team of players from Cities Appeal teams from the list of eligible players below.
  3. Join our League by clicking on "Join" in the Section "Your Leagues". You can join the official ICAN Cities Appeal League either by using the code ifut4w or clicking on this link. 

For the first-timers: how does Fantasy Football work?

Fantasy football involves participants acting as managers to create their own virtual teams composed of real-life players who are competing in actual tournaments. Let's use the Euro 2024 to explain how it works:

  1. Drafting/Selection: Before the Euro 2024 tournament starts, participants select their fantasy teams from the pool of players participating in the tournament. You have a fictional budget of €100 Mio. and each player has a fictional price. This can be done through a draft or by simply picking players within a budget constraint.

    Example: A manager might choose Harry Kane from England (he plays for Bayern Munich, Munich has joined the cities appeal), Kylian Mbappé from France (he plays for Paris Saint-Germain, Paris has joined the cities appeal). However, they cannot select a player who plays for Liverpool or Real Madrid since Liverpool and Madrid so far haven't join the cities appeal. 

  2. Team Management: Throughout the Euro 2024, managers need to set their lineups for each matchday, deciding which players to start and which to bench. Managers may also make transfers, bringing in new players and dropping underperforming ones. There are some free transfers to allow you to change your team but if you exceed the free transfers you will be deducted points. So planning is key. Rules on transfers and substitutions here: 

  3. Scoring: Players earn points based on their real-life performances in Euro 2024 matches. Points are awarded for goals, assists, clean sheets (for defenders and goalkeepers), and other contributions, while points may be deducted for yellow/red cards or own goals.

    Example: If Harry Kane scores a goal and provides an assist in a match, he might earn 7 points (4 points for the goal and 3 points for the assist). If Kevin De Bruyne gets a clean sheet and an assist, he might earn 5 points (1 for the clean sheet and 4 for the assist). The rules are all summarised here:

  4. Winning: The manager whose fantasy team accumulates the most points by the end of the tournament wins the fantasy league.

Example Team: 

Here is a first draft team consisting only of players from ICAN Cities Appeal Teams. As you can see it has 15 players (2 Goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards as mandated by the game). One of the players is the Captain (Mbappe in the example). The captains points will be doubled in every game week. 


Which Players are Eligible: 

When you sign up to the UEFA platform, you can select all players that have been nominated to their national squads. However, to participate in the ICAN Cities Appeal league, you are only allowed to select players from cities who have joined the appeal. We obviously have no way of limiting the players in the actual game, so here is some help: